How You Can Become A High Achieving Salesperson

In my mentoring and coaching sessions with the salespeople, we work on several aspects of my clients. However the reason why I am engaged as their mentor/coach is same. Their purpose is to eventually become a high achieving salesperson.

Hence, here are some of the things you can do and must have to attain high achievement as a salesperson:

1. You need fire in the belly. And I mean fiery passion. I must see it in your eyes. And you walk the talk.

2. Love to sell and persistently sell. It’s like there isn’t a day gone by that you don’t sell. It’s that serious… and infectious. (and I don’t mean bugging your prospect either.)

3. Define your goals through a plan. This includes goals of learning to sell, of being mentored, of how much to achieve and others. And when do you want to achieve them.

4. Disciplined to stick to your goals and act to achieve them.

5. Know how and when to apply the different types of selling skills. This is obvious. And continuously apply them in various forms: sales presentation, networking, chit-chatting, discussion, deals-closing and others.

6. Handle rejections and objections with ease. Oh, yes! If you want to even remotely make it, you better deal with these well.

7. Comprehend the concept on the Paradox of Attraction. The more you want to make money from them, the more they will run from you. Customers can smell desperation a hundred meters away.

8. Put customers first. Their welfare ought to come first. Understanding them is thus imperative.

9. Understand the power of the heart and the touch. Let your sincerity and concern for your customers touch the hearts of your customers. Remember, people don’t care about you until you show that you care about them.

10. Build on the power of positive relationships. This is what gets your customers to return to you again and again and again. You have a positive relationship with them.

11. Create and design your sales persona. This means your personality, the high achieving salesperson. What do you stand for and what comes to mind when people think of you. In short, branding yourself.

12. Be TOTALLY sold on your own products and services. If you are not, then you will find it an unconscious obstacle in your attempt to sell. Reason? Simple. Because if you don’t even absolutely believe in what you represent, you can’t totally put in the passion and the persuasion and influence.

13. Communicate well. Essential and vital. ‘Nuff said.

14. Ultilize the tools of sales communication. This means implementing the sales language, the captivating voice and the sales body language whenever you are selling.

15. Equip yourself with the technologies of sales (whenever needed). Hand phone is essential. Name cards are the basic. Email helps a lot. Website adds accessibility. Customer relationship management (CRM) technology adds to the icing on the cake. Check out the rest of modern technologies that is helpful for your own industry.

16. Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up. This is the key. The bigger rewards lie in following up with your prospects and your current customers.

17. Have a sales management system. This includes the follow-up system and incorporates the sales cycle.

18. Create leverage on your existing customers. Help your current customers become your salespersons. Impress them enough to let them tell their friends about you.

19. Have a mentor to fine-tune your selling skills. Meet up with him on a regular basis to tap on his advice and boost your skills.

20. Keep learning and improving in all areas of selling. You’ll always be getting better with this one.

21. Live a balanced and positive life. Selling is a lifestyle, not just for the moment when you meet customers.

It’s always exciting whenever you step on the path to become a salesperson. Persists and you’ll be on your way to excel beyond excellence!

Best wishes!


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2 Comments on “How You Can Become A High Achieving Salesperson”

  1. I read somewhere that you also need to have the courage to defend your product or your company when the situation calls for it. After all, if you can’t present yourself properly, who would believe in you? Of course, the tips you have shared in this entry are highly useful as well. I actually like number 11 the most where you have to design your own persona so that people will definitely remember you.

  2. […] wekie put an intriguing blog post on How You Can Become A High Achieving Salesperson.Here’s a quick excerpt:Remember, people don’t care about you until you show that you care about them. 10. Build on the power of positive relationships. This is what gets your customers to return to you again and again and again. … […]

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