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Ever Told Your Brain What To Do? Here’s How To Take Better Control Of Your Brain.

October 30, 2007

The following are the steps to work better with your brain:

1. Rest well. A well rested brain is a well geared brain.

2. Make sure you are fully committed to using it for your improvement.

3. Give instructions to your brain. Make sure they are simple and clear. For example: Read the first 7 pages of a book.

4. Check if your brain can execute these instructions. If not, simplify your instructions even further. Break them down to little bite-size actions.

5. Double check to ensure your action is following through.

6. Shut up all the other internal negative thoughts or doubts.

7. Reward yourself when a certain number of steps are completed.

8. Repeat the cycle until it becomes automatic.

9. Expand beyond by increasing the challenges it has to perform.