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How To Excel Beyond Excellence In Your Life, One Step At A Time…

October 31, 2007

As much as we would like to take a giant leap in a single bounce, we seldom can. Neither are we able to fly without first learning how to run. And before run, we must walk steadily.

Often whenever we are eager to excel superbly, we realize that we have to take it one step at a time.

1. Have a simple goal first.

2. Make a list of whatever you are already efficient and proficient at.

3. Take that list and insert this into your current lifestyle wherever possible.

4. Strive to do your best in your enhanced lifestyle. With whatever you are doing daily, perform at your best.

5. Now re-look at your simple goal again. Make minor adjustments to your enhanced ‘do-your-best’ lifestyle towards the goal.

6. Once you have attained that simple goal, make a slightly more challenging goal.

7. And always strive to do your best with your newer-adjusted-enhanced lifestyle.

8. Make minor adjustments of this lifestyle towards the more challenging goal.

9. Repeat the steps as often as you need to attain your ultimate goal.

May you excel beyond excellence, one step at a time!