Proven Ways To Win Over People And Increase Your Competitive Edge In Your Interviews

What an exhilarating week! It was training after training. I was well stretched with lots of fulfilling events that was lined up. And 3 days ago, at the 3-day “Employability Skills” workshop, the training ended on a high. Very high.

I’m extremely happy and inspired that the participants are committed to making improvements and setting new pathways in their lives. Well done and my sincere wishes to all!

As you are aware, the interviewing segment is one of the key components to gaining successful employment. Capping it off, here are the proven ways to have the interviews go in your favor and win the interviewers over:

1. Have the heart of sincerity. Speak from your heart.

2. See yourself as a gift to the company. You want to truly share the positive things with them.

3. Show how you can add value to the company, its operations and bottom-line.

4. Maintain composure. Thing may or may not turn out the way you expect. Questions may be simple or tough to answers. There is nothing more damaging than to lose your cool or get panicky. No matter what, keep your composure.

5. Read and understand the interviewers. Quickly take your best possible analysis and feel. Decipher them with the underlying intentions.

6. Speak the Language of Rapport (LOR). There are ways to make them click with you. You want to speak their language. Build the rapport with them as soon as possible.

7. Take subtle control of the flow of the interview. Know which way the session is going and make the best of the conversation. Subtle, I say.

8. Always be Tactful and Diplomatic (TAD). Sometimes, disagreements may happen. Other times, it’s just a slip of the tongue. Reply back with thought and thoughtfulness.

9. Be ready for tests. All kinds of tests and pop quiz may occur. If they happen at all, you want to be ready for it. Even with questions you don’t know the answers to.

10. Be in the best state of your mind, and know it. Rest well ahead of the interview. Know that you are at your best when you are in the session. Be fresh, be alert and be the best.

11. Add in the PAAT approach with your interviewers: Praise, Acknowledge, Appreciate and Thank. This bridges the connection and helps relax the atmosphere.

12. Follow up. If you want that job, follow up. Not all companies have reply system in place. Following up allows you to be more prominent in the eyes of the company. Even if you don’t get the job, at least the experience lets you learn and move on.

It is a constant engaging of thoughts and communication if you want to gain that edge during interviews. Work on these above ways conscientiously and you will be experiencing excellence in your job interviews!

Best wishes to you, may you Excel Beyond Excellence!

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