Top 10 Keys To Truly Experience Explosive Enthusiasm In Your Life

This whole week was jam packed with trainings and coaching every single day. I have been returning home on the wee hours of the night, tired but very satisfied. When you put your best in your work, the feeling of completion and elation is indescribable.

On the first two days of this week, I was conducting a very intensive course on “Work-Life Skills for Individual and Organizational Benefits”. The participants were from the Public Service institutions and they turned up in full force. I like the way the whole interactive process goes. They participated actively and were very willing to share.

I’ve been conducting this popular course for quite a number of years and every time I can’t help but feel more rejuvenated from the sessions. Personally, everyone needs to have work-life balance in some form. And in the addition runs to come during December and throughout the next year, I will be adding in more powerful strategies to help my participants manage their life better.

When we manage our work and our lives, enthusiasm is the essential ingredient to keep us going. Many fizzle out, get burnt out and merely ‘float’ through life in a ‘zombified’ state. They take it from just day to day… No, hour to hour or even just by the minute. Their lives become out of balance and the sights in direction becomes out of focus.

For those who want to truly make a difference and add meaning to their own life and others around them, read on. These are the keys to experiencing explosive enthusiasm in your life:

1. You must insist on wanting enthusiasm and happiness in your life.

2. You must know what are you excited about. (And if you don’t know the reason, then create a reason for it, any reason that works for you.)

3. You must experience that excitement and enthusiasm.

4. You must use your imagination to its maximum.

5. You must share your enthusiasm with others around you.

6. You must be pro-active in whatever you do.

7. You must remain, think and be positive no matter what happens.

8. You must infuse this enthusiasm in your life plan for long lasting effect.

9. You must display your enthusiasm the very second you wake up everyday.

10. You must keep up the pace until it becomes a part of your life.

Let us Excel Beyond Excellence!

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