Expansive Thinking Is Not Expensive, It Makes You Exceptional.

Yesterday was the final day of the “Work Improvement Team” training or commonly known as WITs. This course was an extension from the last Wednesday and Thursday. During the training, we had in-depth discussions on the art of thinking, especially thinking expansively.

This means to think, consider and ponder beyond your comfort zone. It requires the ability to shift to a new paradigm, a necessity in the fast changing world. However, it might be a tedious effort, demanding the constant need to push ahead despite the trappings. “It’s costly to go against the norms,” some said. “What if I fail?”

Throughout history, those who manage to make a mark in their lives possess such similar quality. They persistently think beyond themselves and what they can do, refusing to allow life or obstacles to limit them. Hence they push the boundary of their boxes further than others, living and carving out a difference in their own destinies. That’s living an exceptional life.

Here are some questions to help you use your mind expansively:

* How do you stretch beyond yourself?

* What other ways can you live your life?

* How else can you overcome the challenges in your life?

* How can you look at things differently?

* What other solutions can you resolve this issue with?

* If there are no limits, what will you do?

Let us Excel Beyond Excellence!

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