How Should You Handle Your Difficult Clients And Improve Situations?

Last Friday was a very interesting day for me. The training I conducted that day was on “Managing Difficult Clients”. It was customized in great detail for a public service institution where the consultants tend to face angry, worried or frustrated clients, not all the time but often enough. I love it when such challenging situations are presented; it makes me actively seek out solutions to resolve them.

During the discussions and the interactive practices, the participants often share of their encounters on the different scenarios that happened. Hence we had a very purposeful examination of the difficult client types. In addition, I also highlighted on the internal dynamics and external forces that made clients become difficult and what the consultants should do to improve the situation.

Here are some of the possible reasons why clients are difficult, followed how you can handle them better:

1. Your clients feel that they are just a number.

You should treat them as a unique, special and appreciated individual.

2. Your clients are trapped internally.

You should help them shift their paradigms to open up possibilities.

3. Your clients are in negative emotional loops.

You should help them move from negative emotions to a positive one.

4. Your clients are often at their wit’s end.

You should provide them with possible alternatives or solutions.

5. Your clients need to vent their frustrations.

You should provide them room and space to air their frustrations before they are willing to listen.

6. Your clients are simply being difficult for the sake of being difficult.

You should assert yourself with firmness, yet with diplomacy.

7. Your clients feel awkward relating and opening up to you.

You must build and maintain rapport with them at all times.

It is often with such tact and wisdom that we must work with our difficult clients. However, the improved results are always better learning lessons and we, too, become better persons.

Let us Excel Beyond Excellence!

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2 Comments on “How Should You Handle Your Difficult Clients And Improve Situations?”

  1. ganchau Says:

    Enjoyed your blog, Wekie. Informative and educational.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wekie Says:

    Hi Ganchau,

    Thanks for your compliments! I am glad you found it educational. That’s what I hope to provide for you.

    As always, may you Excel Beyond Excellence!

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