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When Does Your Mind Work Best? More Ways To Powerfully Master Your Mind

November 26, 2007

On last Saturday, things got exciting. The turn-up was overwhelming and the room was packed even till the last minute. The talk was “Mind Mastery: How to Power Up Your Speaking Skills with Your Mind”.

As the session began, I was greatly infused by your enthusiasm, generous participation and hearty laughter. Do remember the strategies and steps you learn and make it a regular point to practice them. As you have seen in the demonstrations, they work and these easy-to-do techniques perform marvelously well over time.

I truly consider this a great honor to be able to share with you what really works to become a better speaker and communicator. Credit goes to the organizers, Division B Governor, William Lim, DTM, and his team of assistants for earnestly helping to make this event a grand success. I deeply thank every one of you, the participants, for being at the event and taking the step to improve your life, your mind and your public speaking skills.

Over in this article, I will add on some more ways to powerfully master your mind.

Your mind works best when:

1. it is well rested.

2. it is relaxed.

3. you have a meaningful purpose for it to function.

4. it serves the right values.

5. you allow it to follow your natural biorhythm. (people are most alert at different times of the day)

6. it receives positive affirmations

7. you trust it and believes in it.

8. it is in full congruence with your heart and spirit.

9. it is accompanied by a healthy body

10. you thank it and reward it.

11. it is not abused or over taxed.

12. when you let it take on positive challenges.

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