What Must You Know To Manage Your Job And Career Well?

There are times where people find themselves at the cross road of their career, unsure of what have they been doing and where are they going. It’s truly crucial that you know better ways or methods to work and perform your job. With all the busyness at the workplace, it’s easy to be lost and get embroiled in the increasing workload.

A day before, I was conducting another intensive and reflective run of the popular course “Work-Life Skills for Individual and Organizational Benefits.” Within the sessions, we also discussed where our jobs are going in terms of our intended career and life. The answers are insightful indeed.

Here are some questions that you must know and answer yourself in order to help manage and sort out your job, resulting in better career planning:

1. What are your job scope, duties and responsibilities? (Be as specific as possible.)

2. Which of the listed tasks do you enjoy the most and find greatest fulfillment?

3. What are you doing about the rest of the tasks?

4. How does your job help in your company’s overall vision and direction?

5. How do you spend your time at work?

6. Which tasks require most of your attention and energy to perform?

7. What other resources or tools you need to help you perform your job better?

8. How else can you improve to make your job performance better?

9. How does your job feature in your career plan?

10. Does it help you on the path to what you want to achieve in your career?

11. What are your long term plans in this company? Where do you see yourself in a few years time?

12. Do you discuss with your boss about your job and career?

13. Do you feedback to him regularly regarding ways to improve your work?

14. What are some of the reflections you have regarding your career?

Make use of these questions to provide you with wider perspectives for your own job and career management. Check back with these questions and your answers often.  You will discover that you have gained better control over your directions in working life.

Best wishes to you. Let us Excel Beyond Excellence!

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