Proven Tips To Boost Your Public Speaking And Presentation Skills (Part 2)

As Evaluator at The National University of Singapore Toastmasters Meeting, I’ve enjoyed the various speeches presented last night. I applaud the NUSTMC speakers for taking the time and effort to craft their speeches. I could also see their eagerness to improve themselves, striving towards better speaking skills. Well done!

Here are some of the proven tips I have shared last night with the audience and some participants personally:

1. Keep the speech generally positive if your purpose is to uplift the spirit. Having too much negativity of topic selection will only serve to add obstacles in your attempt to inspire us.

(However, for much longer speeches, adding negativity in the right places of the speech will actually inspire the audience to even higher grounds. When allocated properly with the positives, its effect is amazing. It is a process which I call “Fractionation”.)

2. Let us know what happened to the characters in your story. A half told story will only serve to make audience wonder and bewilder rather than to follow your speech.

(Unless you are using it for the purpose of “Looping” or “Double Looping”)

3. Expand your body language with a purpose rather than to distract. You must be able to identify which part of the speech to utilize the body language. This is followed by selecting which part of your body you want to use for emphasis.

(Psychologically and linguistically, it can be taken further with the study of the  right “Trigger Points” for greater impact on the audience.)

I will love and look forward to hear you speak as you add these tips to add impact to your speech.

May you inspire us to Excel Beyond Excellence!

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