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Practical Steps To Excel In Speechcraft Trainings

December 16, 2007

This is another packed week of training and speaking events. It’s wonderful and fulfilling. This is the satisfaction I get from being a trainer and public speaker. The people I get to know are amazing. These exceptional friends make my life meaningful and purposeful. My salute to them.

And just yesterday was the NUS Speechcraft. This round was even better organized and the results improved. Thanks to the committed Toastmasters who turned up to assist!

Here are some practical steps that will help you to excel in Speechcraft sessions:

1. Volunteer for Table Topics. It’s a great way to improve your impromptu speaking skills.

2. Take notes from the Educational Sessions. Instead of just listening, take down the key pointers from the trainers.

3. Ask questions if you have doubts. Better be a fool for 5 minutes than be a fool forever.

4. Interact with your facilitator.