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Proven Tips To Boost Your Public Speaking And Presentation Skills (Part 3)

December 20, 2007

I love the feeling of homecoming. This was exactly what I felt when I was invited to visit The Neptune Orient Lines Toastmasters Club (NOL TMC) last night as an Evaluator. They welcomed the guests and me with open arms, friendly smiles and warm handshakes. Unmistakably sincere, I must admit.

I have gotten to know NOL TMC quite a number of years ago. It was (and still is) one of the most exciting Toastmasters Clubs with a cozy atmosphere during the meeting.

During then, I was serving as the Area Governor of Division B and NOL TMC was one of the Clubs in my Area. During my Area Council meetings, the Club’s President and representatives participated actively and shared their success. As I continued on as the first Division Z Governor the following year, NOL TMC was also realigned to my new Division. I visited them often then. And I simply loved how they made you feel at home.

Yesterday night was no exception. It’s still the feeling as if it’s my own Club. Everybody sang a birthday song for me and I was truly touched.  (Thanks,guys and gals!) While it’s not my birthday yet (not till 25th of December), I felt as if my birthday and Christmas Day had arrived last night. Their sincerity was and IS REAL. I truly appreciate the friendship.  J

At the meeting and in my role as a speech evaluator, I shared the following public speaking tips:

1. Harness the anticipation. Whenever you step up to the stage at the beginning, the audience will have a sense of anticipation. They expect to be impressed and impacted instantly. Therefore, avoid losing out the effect by rushing to utter your first word.

(Never disregard this tip or else your efforts in creating a worthwhile speech will be undermined. An essential part of “The Art of Reading Your Audience’s Energy” and “Impactful Introduction”)

2. Shift the focus of your conclusion to your original purpose. It’s sometimes easy to get carried away by your own speech. Remember why you selected the topic in the first place, then ensure you draw the audience back to the original reason behind your speech.

(This technique is based on my researches and applications of “The Psychology Behind Effective Conclusion” and “Looping”)

3. Cater your content to the audience. While we can relate our own encounters, your audience must also be able to establish the link too. Hence always strive towards helping your audience to better apply what you share to their own situations.

(Always take your audience through the processes of what I call “Bridging”, “Demystifying” and “Inner Connecting”. Highly recommended.)

I have personally worked through all these tips and the other additional advanced techniques with my participants and those I coached. The results are amazing and they become more skilled as speakers. I hope you will achieve the same results too.

Let me know of your progress so that together, we can Excel Beyond Excellence!