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My Birthday Thoughts And My Thanks To You, My Friend

December 25, 2007

Today’s my Birthday. I’ve always enjoyed this day of mine. Not only is it a public holiday, a Christmas day, but more so because it’s a time for me to reflect and ponder on my personal life for the year.

A birthday is not a birthday if you don’t remember the people who have walked with you. From my point of view, a birthday makes me think of those whom I’ve gotten to know over the years. It is through them that I can walk this far and make the year meaningful.

Here I’ll like to give thanks to everyone who have contacted me and send their birthday wishes and gifts, be it via mail, email, phonecall, sms or even in person.

To all my participants of my seminars and talks, I appreciate knowing you and glad to be of service to you.

To my friends, I appreciate your friendship and encouragement all these years. Let’s get together again.

To my various training partners and associates, glad to be working with you and on to greater heights for the new year.

And to you, who are reading this, I thank you for dropping by Excel Beyond Excellence! blog as well as for writing to me with your support and comments. It is with your continued presence and contribution that I found the readership rate of this blog to be growing beyond my expectation. I thank you with all my heart. (and with a deep bow too.)

For this year, the trainings and public speaking engagements have been nothing short of phenomenal. Throughout the year, I have been getting to know new friends and participants in the regular workshops. Quite a number of the engagements are from the current clients who either want additional courses or more runs of the past courses for the rest of the staff.

I’ve also have the good fortune of working and consulting with even more multi-national corporations (MNC), small and medium enterprises (SME), civil service organizations and schools.

When people take charge of their own learning, they are in control of their own life. They want to make things work, better than ever. And this year, I have the honor of working with an increased number of these determined “Excellers”. So to those I have personally coached and to those whom I am currently coaching and mentoring, I am glad you have joined me in the journey to Excel Beyond Excellence.

And although it’s supposed to be the holiday season now, I’ve also received even more requests for public speeches and trainings, often day to day and back to back, including Sundays. I’m very glad people are, more than ever, committed to learning and growing throughout the whole year, instead of learning at mere convenience.

On this special day of mine, I have some personal reflections for the year:

** A birthday is a time to take stock of my own life.

** I reflect on all the friends and relationships I have made, formed and renewed for the past year.

** I remember the events, happenings and people that have influenced me to help me become who I am.

** It’s also a time to literally and figuratively “smell the roses”.

** I reflect and reviewed on all the trainings I have done and public speeches I have given.

** I re-dedicate myself to give my best to my seminar participants and to those I am coaching.

** I become totally inspired and fully committed to help them achieve more and excel beyond.

** Now is also the time to set directions of the New Year.

** It’s a renewed decision and commitment to Excel Beyond Excellence.

** I learn and relearn.

** And I give thanks.

Like to also share a cute little birthday poem with you:

Happy Birthday To You
(by anonymous)

A little birdie told me
today’s your special day
hope that it is perfect
in each and every way

May the day bring sunshine
put gladness in your heart
with lots of love and laughter
from the very start

Have a joyous celebration
with loved ones ever near
and tender hugs and kisses
to last you through the year

My wish for you is happiness
and all your dreams come true
there is no other person
who deserves it more than you
Have a wonderful Birthday!

It’s often with simple words that the meaning rings the loudest.

I wrap up this article with a simple yet sincere wish to you:

Have a Marvelous Christmas!

Walk with me, my friend, let’s Excel Beyond Excellence!