Take Stock Of Our Time To Take Control Of Our Life

Today is the last day of year 2007. Very soon, we will see people strolling on the streets in a joyous mood. We will also witness the arrival of the next 365 days. And we will all bide farewell to a very eventful year with the chorus of ‘auld lang syne’

In the style of memory, reflection and growth for the future, it’s always wise to take stock of how we have been spending the past 12 months. When we take stock to learn about our past, we can adjust our lifestyles and thoughts to gear ourselves towards a better direction for our future. In short, take control of our life.

Key questions to help us take stock will be:

1. What have you done over the year?

2. What would you consider as your accomplishments and misses?

3. What are some of the most important lessons?

4. What could have been better?

5. What did you discover that is useful for you?

6. How could you use all these to advance yourself for the New Year?

7. What are those you wish to change for the coming year?

8. How do you intend to improve them?

9. What is it you can do that will make the New Year a more fruitful one than the previous year?

I believe we are the fruits of our past and the farmers of our own future. Taking stock and being accountable for our harvests make us want to grow better crops and fruits. If you want to grow and excel, take stock first.

Here’s a Happy New Year to you. 🙂

See you next year.

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