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What Does The New Year Mean To You?

January 1, 2008

And so 2008 arrives. Be it in a bang or silently, it is here to stay. This year brings new excitement, situations and challenges for me. I look forward to the training that I am already engaged to conduct throughout the year. And it’s going to be a fulfilling period of growing and learning, of this I am confident.

So, what does 2008 mean to you? No, I am not referring to the usual. But the real meaning and purpose of this year to you.

What can be different for this year?

What would you like to add to the year?

what difference will you be making to the people around you?

As you look back to it in 12 months’ time, what do you REALLY WANT THIS YEAR to mean to you?

And finally, what will you do about it?

Let me wish you, my friends,

Have a Wonderfully Smashing, Dynamically Exciting New Year!

Are you ready to rumble? I am!