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What You Truly Must Know About Your Negotiation And The Tactics

January 4, 2008

When another run of “Effective Negotiation Skills” training was conducted last week, it was absolutely amazing. What I like about the training was the energy of the audience along with the humor throughout the sessions. The most impressive experience I had from it was the driving desire of the participants to learn and improve their negotiation skills.

In every negotiation situation that you encounter, you can always employ the strategies and tactics taught. To make the deal closing even more exciting, each tactics can actually be combined with each other to give rise to further advanced applications.

A few things you must truly keep in mind when employing the negotiation tactics:

1. Remember negotiation is a demonstration of power, and upon qualitative analysis, the outcome may be able to be predicted.

2. Remember why do people negotiate and why some do not need to.

3. A tactic need not be used in isolation; it can be merged with others to create hybrid tactics for more exquisite use.

4. If you can understand where the communication clarity or where its vagueness lies, then you are able to better analyze the interaction and apply tactics on the issues.

5. Negotiation does not begin with your meeting with the other party. It begins much earlier, be alert of it.

6. Always have plan B in case it doesn’t create the desired effect. Then again having Plan C and D won’t hurt either.

7. When you know that you can play win-win or win-lose, you are then truly on the path to becoming a successful negotiator.

It’s truly takes a different game to work with the tactics and a different player to play the winning card. Practice well and often.

May you Excel Beyond Excellence!