Still Waiting For The Next Rising Reward?

An extremely wealthy man was walking his cuddly Maltese dog one day. He was briefly distracted for a moment by the enchanting scenery. However, that second of carelessness led to the loss of his adorable dog. It simply scurry away, not to be found.

Ever worried and sorrowful, that wealthy man immediately alerted the various media in an attempt to search for his lost pet. The newspapers also published the search article in hope to help find the dog. This concerned owner also bought advertising hours on the broadcast network, both on the television and on the radio channels. After all, money wasn’t an issue to him.

During the advertisements, the same information flashed every few hours on the television program:
“Lost Maltese dog. White fur. If found, please return to owner immediately. Reward: $10,000!”

The next day and at some distance away, a beggar was yawning lazily and stretching himself on the park bench. It was time for his afternoon nap. Just when he was about to doze off on his siesta, a series of soft whining bark disturbed his supposing dream of riches.

The beggar lifted an eyelid, took a quick glance around for his sleep intruder. Just a few meters from him, was a little canine, whitish and furry. The lost Maltese dog was looking at him doe-eyed, obviously hungry and worn out.

Delighted, he picked up the tiny one and stroked its fluffy hair with his left hand. “I’ll go claim my reward now!” he smiled to himself with glee.

With the doggie in his arms, he walked past a coffee shop that was showing a broadcast. Curiously he looked up and saw a re-run of the advertisement.

It was almost the same search information… except for the numbers:
“Lost Maltese dog. White fur. If found, please return to owner immediately. Reward: $20,000!”

“$20,000!” he exclaimed. “That’s double the original reward! Hmm… I wonder what will they offer for tomorrow’s reward?”

As he was gloating over his nearing new found fortune, he took a U-turn and headed home instead. Assured that the reward will rise even higher tomorrow, he left the dog to play on its own in his tattered house.

True enough, the reward did increase the second day. And the day after, and the next…

When the reward has risen to a sky-high figure that astonished everyone, the beggar decided that it was time to return the dog to its rightful owner. He went home to get the pet, eagerly reminding himself to bring a bag for the heaps of cash he was about to collect.

As he stepped into his house, there was no barking, and no whining either. But there was a foul stench, a smell that came from a lifeless little body from a dark corner of the room. The Maltese dog had died.

You see, when it was living lavishing in its wealthy master’s home, it had top graded meat, fresh milk and supplements as nourishment for every single meal. While staying with the beggar, it had only leftovers from the rubbish chutes.

The beggar had been waiting too long for the next rising reward before he will do anything.

Here are some of my thoughts:

1. You must develop an eye for grabbing opportunities. They do come and go.

2. To act at the right time requires you to develop far-sightedness and appropriate planning.

3. Some things can wait, and some things can’t. The ability to know the difference is wisdom.

4. Take caution against analysis paralysis. (Analyze until one gets paralyzed.) 🙂

5. Acting now is sometimes better than losing it tomorrow.

Act now, Excel always!

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