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7 Steps To Turn Your Challenges Into Your Opportunities

January 15, 2008

Over these 2 days at the training “Life Empowerment Skills”, we explored the various ways to be more geared up and equipped to handle the different challenges in life. This is especially in the face of employment. The participants’ determination and decision to make things work in their life became a source of inspiration, both for themselves and for me.

I also shared how important it is to work their way out of the different challenges of life. To add on to what I’ve covered, here are the steps for tuning those tough challenges into better positive opportunities:

1. Decide when enough is enough.

2. Insist on focusing on the positive side and outcome of the event.

3. Critically evaluate your current resources and assets.

4. Highlight those you can use to improve on the challenge.

5. Know what else you need to acquire in order to improve the situation and acquire them.

6. Work on your plan and refine to act accordingly.

7. Derive greater lessons to prevent future repeat of negative events.

While challenges can be tough, they can be better handled with a lot of heart and will. Keep going to transform events into better outcome.

And make our lives Excel Beyond Excellence!