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It’s Really About Living Your Legacy!

January 20, 2008

Under the Toastmasters International annual schedule of events, every Division is to organize Club Officers’ Trainings for the Executive Committee members for the Toastmasters Club under their Division. Yesterday was the Division S Club Officer’s Training. A lot of Executive Committee turned out in force. The training was hosted at AIA Changi Toastmasters’ meeting rooms. And if you don’t know by now, there is always a buzz of excitement and a sense of exhilaration whenever Toastmasters gather.

Leadership training, in my opinion, is extremely important. The quality and know-how of the leaders will direct affect the success or failure of the entire Club. You can’t be too slack and casual in selecting leaders. They matter.

When the management and leadership of any organization are capable, efficient and effective, they leave a positive mark. They make that difference of excellence and brilliance. They are fondly remembered for their legacy.

Being invited as a key speaker for yesterday’s training, I spoke on the topic “Live Your Legacy”. I chose the theme based on my experience and encounters over the years as Area Governor and Division Governor, as President of various organizations as well as with the leaders I have coached.

I spoke on the notion of leadership legacy because I fervently believe that a leader should strive to make a difference. Not because they have to but because they can. And to truly make a difference and leave a legacy, the leader has to first live in his own legacy. Elected as Executive Committee members, they can be the one to make their term of office special and remarkable in terms of creating long-lasting difference to the Clubs, their members and to the community at large.

Some of the major educational concepts shared included:

1. Understanding the art of including inputs and involving people along with their talents.

2. Working on getting common and united values for their organizations.

3. Appreciating the mathematics of leadership. Knowing how much more to do to get the results you want.

There was so much learning yesterday that everyone took back home something. The breakout sessions were useful as it allowed for upfront inquiries and close interaction amongst the Club Officers of similar appointments.

With all these understandings in mind, it’s about taking those steps to make a difference.

It’s ultimately about Excelling Beyond Excellence to Live Your Legacy!