Proven Tips To Boost Your Public Speaking And Presentation Skills (Part 9)

Back at my own Club, The National University of Singapore Toastmasters Club (NUSTMC), we’ve been enjoying a series of wonderful speeches. I am glad that people are committed to becoming better speakers. The project slots have been graciously filled and I do know that extra meetings had to be organized to meet the demands of members.

Just two nights ago, our regular weekly meeting had me in stitches. You should have seen the faces of the audience; they truly took pleasure in attending the session. What’s more, the language games were totally hilarious and fun.

Being the Language Evaluator for the night, I took note of the creative ways the speakers used the given phrases. I must compliment that they are a rather resourceful and imaginative group of speakers.

More observations and sharing followed after the session. In addition, I made some of the additional comments to the presenters:

1. Avoid overloading the audience with statistics. While numbers do impress, they can serve to confuse when overused. Remember, the audience is listening, so if numbers are being run off too quickly or concurrently, the audience will soon get overwhelmed by them and lose the underlying message. Unless impressiveness and confusion is your objective, use statistics with care.

2. Know the impact of your punch-line. They help you deliver your jokes or your key point. Make sure your punch line comes off clearly, be it in your vocal variety or through your body language. Otherwise, the whole paragraph fizzles out as your audience will be unsure when to laugh or when to take note of your main point.

3. Ensure that your emotional words coincide with the right emotions display… unless comedy is on your mind. A slight carelessness often leads to a misfit of facial expression to the words. If you want to portray that you are sad, make sure your face shows sadness instead of that smiley, polite grin. It minimizes your speech impact and you end up contrasting it with your content. Like what I said, unless comedy is your intent.

I simply love to hear quality speeches. They make you aspire, think and grow. Let’s keep making speeches, so that we may Excel Beyond Excellence!

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3 Comments on “Proven Tips To Boost Your Public Speaking And Presentation Skills (Part 9)”

  1. Jo Jameson Says:

    Hi think this is an excellent post and you’ve made some great points. I’ve put a link to it on my blog because I think it has some tips that my readers can really benefit from.

  2. Knowing the pubch line is important.

    Punch lines are not only for jokes, they are also for any situation that uses humour. So just because you don’t have a joke does not mean that you don’t use a punch line.


    Darren Fleming
    Australia’s Public Speaking Coach

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