The Top 10 Ultimate Dreams Of Singaporeans

Many of us strive and work hard in pursue of certain dreams. It is often the desires to attain these dreams that consume our entire time and life. We talk about them, read about them and even literally dream about them in our sleep.

According to a recent survey by a local bank, Singaporeans were asked on what kind of lifelong dreams they would really want. It was also discovered that out of every 2 Singaporeans, 1 of them would like to travel the world as their ultimate dream.

Listed below are the survey’s top 10 rankings for the ultimate dreams of Singaporeans:


Ultimate Dreams


To Travel the World


To Improve and Develop Oneself


To Earn Money


To Own An Ideal House


To Have Health and Fitness


To Set up a Family with Children


To Be a Volunteer or Contribute to Charity


To Own a Car


To Start a Business


To Retire

Points for reflection:

** What do these dreams and their rankings say about Singaporeans?

** How about you? What is your own lifelong dream?

** More importantly, what are you doing now to fulfill your ultimate dream?

Whatever your dream is, I encourage you to stay on this road. Make it a worthwhile dream to accomplish. Make it a life worth living.

And may you Excel Beyond Excellence!

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One Comment on “The Top 10 Ultimate Dreams Of Singaporeans”

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