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Have You Ever Wonder Even More…

January 30, 2008

Now that the curiosity of the mind has been piqued, it’s always useful to pay attention to things around us. And this will led us to discover even more wonders that follow…

Have you ever wonder…

If all roads lead to Rome, where do the streets go?

Why does the bread always fall butter side down?

If what goes up must come down, what happens to the things that go down?

If rabbits’ feet are so lucky, how come the rabbit doesn’t have ’em?

Why, when faced with a choice of 2 doors upon entering a building, will you always pick the locked one first?

How can you be overdrawn and still have checks?

Why does one wheel on a shopping cart always tend to go opposite the direction you want to go?

Why do hot dogs come in 10’s and buns in 8’s?

Why do birds wait until after you’ve washed your car before they drop on it?

Why does the telephone wait until you’re in the bathroom before it rings?

Why is it that you throw away something the day before you need it?