How To Apply Your Learning Into Your Communication And Presentation

I was coaching a junior Public Speaking group today; it was full of discussions and evaluations. I especially highlighted the need to learn how to communicate. In addition, as the participants are still studying, it is also useful to help them integrate their school learning into the way they communicate.

Here are some ways to apply your various learning to enable a better presentation:

1. Package your knowledge into digestible format for your audience. Use little chunks of points, instead of trying to explain an overly complicated scientific process.

2. Make use of new words in your language construction. If its useful and relevant, use it. However, do take care that it is not a jargon that end up confusing people.

3. Add fun, humor and comedy to dry textbooks materials. It always helps to lighten the mood and opens the mind.

Remember, never let knowledge be mere dry information. Sprinkle them with creativity and be willing to experiment. Then your presentation becomes so much easier to understand and receptive.

Let’s Excel Beyond Excellence!

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