The Art Of Making Your Life Work With The Refine Art Of Excellence

Have you ever thought how some people would be able to make things work for them? They can say the right words at the right time. In the midst of challenges, they can construct and implement a suitable strategy. When faced with insult, they avoid humiliation by knowing what to say and how to react. At social settings, they can mix with the crowd despite not being part of the original group.

And in life, they can simply handle the obstacles; tackle the constraints and ultimately minimizing those detrimental impacts.

They made their life work. They designed for their life to excel.

Yes, they are rare. A rare gem, infrequently found among people.

And guess what? And they eventually rise above the rest. When you least know it, they have excelled beyond what you expect of them. I call these people “The Excellors”

These people often display the certain qualities. Common characteristics for the extreme minority that are yet unique from the majority.

It’s very much a refine art. Because not only does one need to refine them, it pushes you to a higher realm of understanding and comprehension of the world.

It demands that you understand how the world work and make sense of it.

It requires of you to possess the following qualities to make your life work and to excel:

1. Seek a balance. It’s not necessary about being an extremist. It’s often you balance that help you get through issues and resolve problems in life. To have balance is to be in control. Not too much, not too little. Just right; right emotions, right actions at the right degree.

2. Readjust your paradigm. Things are not always what you believe to be. They constantly transform, realigning to reformed structures. Some remain, other parts modify. Just as the world has changed, so should your paradigm. Your current frame of mind may not always fit to the changing trends.

Update your map of the world, then you are better poised to create your new world.

3. Gain clarity. You must be able to see things for what they are. Being muddled or over emotional coupled with insensitivities do not help here. Your clarity of vision and perspective allows you to approach life with tact and with diplomacy.

Take time to reevaluate, to hear opinions, but to decide your own path of progress.

4. Make sense of the insensible, map out a strategy. It’s sometimes a crazy place at a crazy pace. But all the more it means you have to calm yourself before you can map out what needs to be done next.

5. Exercise your creativity. Just as things changes, your way of handling can always benefit with some creativity. There are no real rules that restrict your reaction, only your own limitations of vision.

Put some ooze and booze into the way you run things. Make it an experience of a different nature. And new doors will open for you to excel further.

6. Be willing to fail. This is the irony. Each process is marked by a series of failed experiments, especially at the beginning. Yet, the wise way is to graciously accept it as the path to excellence, than to stomp your foot and blame the world for not making your life work.

It is often the resistant to fail and accept feedbacks that prevent us from moving forward. For it there is no failure, how is there success? If there is no stagnation, then how is there progress?

Switch over to a learning mode. Just make sure the effects of the next action outweigh the cost of the previous failures. Your willingness to fail molds your determination to excel.

7. Refine your art of excellence. It’s never ending, never ceasing. You will just have to constant refine to find your path. I called the finding of this path “Your Groove”. It’s a feel that harmonizes your environment, your inner self and you together. This puts you ‘in-form’ to achieve things, making things go your way.

Sometimes you may find that you need to gain more clarity or you may need to exercise added creativity to get out of dire straits. So be it then.

Keep refining, keep learning. Stay hungry for more, for there is no direct standard path to excellence in life. You need to get your groove going.

When you constantly work over time on acquiring these above qualities, you will discover that new insights emerge from you. Your mind gets better and sharper while your actions are more focused. Life’s problems now become stepping stones, making it work in your favor.

At that point, excellence, by your own standards, is within sight.

May you Excel Beyond Excellence!

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