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How You Can Become An Even More Effective Coach? Proven Pointers To Enhance Your Coaching Skills

February 5, 2008

At the final day of the “Coaching for Enhanced Performance Management” training today, we had an intensive sharing session. The participants took time to share their experiences as a coach, opinions of coaching and the coaching strategies covered.

While some related their encounters, others chipped in to provide even more tips to further the learning. It’s also great that these coaches are gelling well with each other, having known each other better over time. Keep up the positive work, everyone!

Being an effective coach demands more than just the want, it must be a desire; for you are literally influencing the future of another person. Take time to read through the following points to incorporate them into your current and future meetings with your clients. They are proven and with proper practice, will make you an even more competent coach.

1. Understand that coaching can happen anywhere. It may not be as formal as a sit-down brainstorming session in a coaching room. It might even be occurring over the coffee-shop or the canteen. When you are truly in your groove, it can happen right there and then. Of course, there are always better venues or timing, but as a coach, you’ve got to be prepared at all times.

2. Coaching and counseling skills can be used in conjunction with each other. There is no real exclusivity with each other. As long as it is needed, you need to use it. Remember, they have overlapping processes so it doesn’t matter even if you don’t consciously remember the steps. The most important thing is to utilize the appropriate skills for the benefit of the client.

3. Keep it objective instead of getting all too personal. Yet remember to show empathy than coming across as overly ‘robotic’. If you have to comment negatively, structure yours words ‘external’ to the client’s behavior rather than to make it attributed to the client himself. People tend to be defensive as long as you criticize about them in terms of character. Avoid this.

4. Sincerity from the heart matters vitally. Coaching is not a mere data punching or numbers-filling exercise. It is a people-help-people activity. As long as you are not as sincere, your client will not fully maximize the supposed benefits of coaching. Reason? Insincere and passionless people tend to not take their work seriously. And clients will not benefit in full.