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The Meaning Of Your Own Special Holiday

February 8, 2008

The second day of the Lunar New Year marks an extension of joy, fun and celebration. Just think, how often do you actually get a holiday that goes beyond a day, what’s more, I do see some businesses stretching the Chinese New Year holiday breaks for four days or even five days.

Holidays become special because of the meanings and reminders behind the dates. When a certain day comes by every year, people are told of the respective significance, and often, the origins of it. For certain holidays that have been celebrated over the years, the customs and practices have changed and the true meanings are sometimes lost or forgotten. Nonetheless, they are usually welcoming periods of rest for most people.

Over these couple of days, have you ever thought of adding some other personal meaning to these holidays?

For example, while this can be Day Two of the Chinese New Year, you can add in a purpose where it’s a day of close friendship and gathering. Round up your closest friends and renew the friendship WITH good food of course!

How about a day where you actually call up a person whom you have not dared to contact for a long time? Name it A Day of Bold Contact, perhaps. Who knows what may result from this simple action of yours. J

Other people can dedicate this to a day of giving, visiting the less privileged and sharing the joy of the festive season. Hence it becomes a day of compassion.

I believe that human beings are not designed to become robotic. We are engineered to make sense and give meaning to our lives. That’s why we are also made unique rather than mass produced.

It’s not just a mechanical performance of what is merely given to us, but to make meanings and even make merry out of life itself. We don’t usually excel unless we have the passion behind our work, and of course, our rest during this period.

And passion comes from personal appreciation of our own life, its rest, its play and its work. In short, there is Unique Significance.

Hence a world wide holiday can become a personal special day… for you.

As long the significance of this day makes sense to you, you can always make it special.

In these ways, a holiday thus becomes one that is peppered with unique and fond memories. A delightful event kept by you in a special place within your heart. Ultimately, it’s a day where you will look back and appreciate this significant experience.

It does not really take much to add meaning and turn a public holiday into your special own holiday. As long as you care to provide that little dash of creativity and guts to excel, then a holiday will also become a day where your life can Excel Beyond Excellence!

Make this season special for yourself. Make it an excellent holiday!

Happy Holidays!