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How To Motivate Your Team Members And Increase Their Productivity?

February 10, 2008

While a leader must have the ultimate goal in mind at his work, it does not imply that he is a mere slave driver or a dictator. Simply barking out orders and blindly pushing responsibilities to team members will only accumulate animosity over time.

Modern leadership and management are no longer just about people who pass instructions down to others in the hierarchy and assume that their words are to be followed without questions.

Although obedience may appear outwardly, de-motivation actually emerges within the executive team. Needless to say, most people eventually become numb, no longer taking initiative and stop contributing beyond the minimum.

In my trainings on Leadership, Management and Teambuilding and the likes, these are also highlighted as key issues to be addressed. Indeed, there are many more areas that must be looked into by the leaders and managers. Resting on the laurels is hardly on the cards because leadership is an ongoing process of influence and inspiration.

Here are some elements that can be implemented to promote productivity and motivate your team members:

1. Ensure everyone understands and accept the ground rules of the workplace.

2. Build in work structures and culture that reflect fairness, trustworthiness and openness.

3. Allow your members to take personal ownership and responsibility out of their willingness to act.

4. Pay attention to your team members; address their own objectives, opinions and emotions.

5. Lay down worthwhile challenges for them to take on.

6. Communicate regularly at a suitable setting.

7. Celebrate success and reflect on failure together.

When a team is led effectively by you, the leader-manger, it becomes a force to be reckoned with and to be respected. Hence your goal must truly be to consistently allow your team to perform more than what they first believed they could.

In this way, your entire team will surely Excel Beyond Excellence!