How You Can Excel With The Three Laws Of The Universe?

It was a few weeks ago that Yuyuan, an ever-enthusiastic Toastmaster, made his project presentation. He did some research and decided to share with us his thoughts on the three laws of the universe. With his kind permission, the following are the general notes on what he has shared during his presentation.

Three Laws of The Universe

First of all, let me assure you that you will not be asked to sit for an examination to test your understanding of these three Laws, because I believe we all have a phobia for exams. These laws are for the heart. I wish that at the end of my speech you will be able to identify the three laws in operation in your daily life.

These three laws are Laws of ABC.

The first Law is Law of Attraction. The law states that we attract what we focus our thoughts upon into our life. To illustrate this point I would like to use my personal example. I joined Toastmasters because I believed that communication and presentation skills were very important in my life. To make an analogy, my belief is like a magnet and Toastmasters, an iron bar. My mind attracts Toastmasters into my life the way a magnet does to an iron bar. This is Law of Attraction.

The second law is Law of Belief. Law of belief states that: when we believe with feelings and conviction, our belief will become realities. I’d like to use a true story to illustrate this point. A worker accidentally locked himself inside a huge fridge. That is a fridge that contains tons of food. It is way below zero Degrees Celsius in the fridge, cold enough to turn soft flesh into hard rock.

The worker began to shiver as soon as he realized that he was locked. “It is cold in here. Everyone has gone off and I am going to die here.” Indeed, what he believed in turns out to be reality. He was found dead lying on the floor of the fridge, hard as a rock. However his fellow workers were puzzled because they found that the fridge had a leak and the temperature was about 10 Degrees Celsius in the fridge. Staying in a fridge with a temperature as high as 10 Degrees Celsius does not freeze a person into death. What actually killed the worker? BELIEF! It is the belief that he was going to die that killed him.

At this juncture, some clarification is necessary. Many people say that they believe in something strongly but that does not turn into reality. For this, I’d like to use an example for which we all stand on the same ground. That is, we all have been students. As a student I yearn for good results. I used to believe that I can get excellent results and that belief gave me strong motivation. However, when I received my test papers I was in disbelief. It was a glaring C on my paper. What had gone wrong?

When I looked back I realized that I doubted myself. There was a voice constantly echoing in my ears, “What if I fail? What if people laugh at me?” RIGHT HERE is the problem. I had two conflicting beliefs in my mind at the same time. Thus, the result is, I am regretful to say, disheartening. My point here is: be 100% certain about what you are doing! NEVER, NEVER, NEVER doubt yourself. This is Law of Belief.

The third law is Law of Correspondence. The law states that what happens in the outside world is a reflection of our inside world. I would like to use a demonstration to illustrate this point. Do you see a sad face like this? Nope. I think it is more like this (action). Eyes are dull; facial expression is expressionless; head is down as if eyes are tied to the toes. This example shows that even though we do not know what exactly is going on inside of us but we can judge easily from the outlook of a person. And this is Law of Correspondence.

To sum up, the three laws of ABC governs our life in general. Law of Attraction tells us that we are like magnets and that we attract what we focus our thoughts on into our life. Law of Belief tells us that with 100% certainty in what we believe in, our belief will become reality. And Law of correspondence explains that what we have in our mind and heart is illustrated in the outside world. At this moment I hope that you are able to identify the three laws in operation in your daily life.

My final challenge for all of you is: believe that you are happy so that you will attract happiness into your life.

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