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The Essential Truths You Must Know To Get Even More Sales And Close More Deals

February 12, 2008

I had just finished conducting a very intensive in-house company training on “Closing Deals-How and What?” today. This course focuses on the crucial final stage of any sales and negotiation process. And it is specifically designed to help participants close more deals and get better returns than before.

Here are more of the essential things that you must indeed keep in mind so that you can get your deals and sales going:

1. Remember that to close a deal is a natural part of the process.

2. People can detect your sincerity or the lack of it.

3. New customers tend to give smaller deals first. They do this in order to test you out. Get your foot in. Take these deals first and convert to larger deals over time.

4. Objections are the gatekeepers. Interested customers tend to have objections before giving you the deal. You must know how to handle the objections before you can close the deals.

5. Play for long term. Provide the justification in your customers’ eyes to continuously get return deals.