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Proven Tips To Boost Your Public Speaking And Presentation Skills (Part 10)

February 13, 2008

It was my own Toastmasters Club’s meeting last night. As the General Evaluator for National University of Singapore Toastmasters meeting, I highlight several positive points of our chapter meetings and dished out some advice on how we could further improve. After all, this is the reason why we are Toastmasters, to improve and to excel.

I am also extremely pleased to report that it was overall another well received meeting. It came down the commitment of the organizers, executive committee as well as the attendance of members and guests. No wonder we laughed so hard at the meticulously crafted speeches.

As usual, more speaking tips were shared at the post-meeting chats:

1) Check for over-exaggerations that distract your audience rather than enhance your speech.

2) Ensure that your speaking platform does not have any distracting props.