7 Ways To Excel In Your Career And In Your Organization

A new week begins and new events unfold. As you prepare and gear yourself for the week that comes, what are some of the things that are going through your mind? One of the things that you might want to remember is that your work can actually help you further your career.

Applying the following ways will keep you on the exact road in your strive to excel:

1. Understand the culture, objectives, values and priorities of the company.
The foundation of an organization is built on its culture and objectives. The management will in turn set out the objectives to achieve. As a result, the values and priorities of your organization will emerge. Understanding all these elements will allow you to better move within your organization and focus on things that truly matter.

2. Be proactive at work and in contributing.
When you are able to contribute more, you become more of a shinning star at work. After all, you are paid to deliver quality. Being proactive in whatever you do hence puts you in good stead to be positively considered to promotion.

3. Discover how your boss prefers to communicate.
Every boss has his own preference of pass order, relating messages or getting feedback. Some are more comfortable via email while others might prefer a face-to-face discussion. I’ve even know of some bosses who communicates most of the time by using short messages service, SMS. Hence communicate with your boss based on his prefer style. You will find it easier to work with him this way. If you are unsure, observe and ask him with subtleness.

4. Your positive attitude at work does help a lot.
Cliché as it sounds, this remains true. Having that positive energy is often like a bright spark in the gloomy serious atmosphere. People are drawn closer to find out what makes you tick.

5. Let your boss know that you are constantly upgrading yourself.
This shows that you truly want to learn and desire to improve yourself and become more competent than before. With every new skill you acquire, you are presented with new ways to demonstrate them. Which organization doesn’t want a staff that knows many things and can get things going?

6. Build healthy working relationship with your Boss, Colleagues and Clients (BCC).
Relationships are extremely essential to get work done. A negative one will only serve to stall the job process, reducing its functionality and add to workplace politics. When you have a happy relationship with others, you get work done easier, with increased satisfaction and productivity.

7. Know your talents and apply them to your work where possible.
Understand your organization and thinking through how can you apply your talents. Let your boss know where your talents are applicable. Chart your career and let your talents take you through.

It’s ultimately a professional’s intend to grow and strive well in his career. Add these pointers into your daily work and you will have set in motion a cycle of distinction.

May you Excel Beyond Excellence!

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