Proven Tips To Boost Your Public Speaking And Presentation Skills (Part 11)

When true friends gather, there is no sadness but warming of the hearts. I found this to be extremely true tonight as I visited the Singapore Nurses Toastmasters Club. Being the Language Evaluator of the meeting, I paid special attention to their pronunciation as well as the usage of words and phrases. But it was more than that. It was a chance to catch up with friends from the Club.

I first visited this Club more than eight years ago and got to work closely with its members when I served as their Area Governor. Even as the Division Governor later on, they were also one of the most supportive and participative Clubs around.

They are always extending their warm welcome to guests with a big smile. Not to mention their regular home cooked food and self-prepared cakes. Hence, I’ve always enjoyed visiting the Singapore Nurses. (I also call it the safest place because you always have a group of healthcare professionals to take care of you in case of emergency.)

In addition to my language evaluation, I have also added some sharing with regard to improving the basic and advanced project speeches for the meeting:

1. Keep your speech to about 2, 3 or 4 items or points for the timing allocated. A speech is not a list of items. Avoid regurgitating off 11 items which the audience will find it difficult to remember anyway. A speech contains organized information that are memorable, examples that mean something and most importantly the heart and soul of you, the speaker.

2. Minimize the reliance of a written script. You need to be able to speak the phrases without constantly referring to your notes .As beautiful and poetic are your words may be, you will still lose effectiveness in speaking if you find yourself having to read them off a card. It’s, after all, public speaking, not public reading. One of the ways is to only memorize the main points while another is to rehearse until it makes sense to you in mind.

3. If you are conducting a demonstration, make it easy for audience to follow your act and understand the concepts behind. Do leave sufficient time to explain the complex information and result of the experiment. Allow your conclusion to highlight the importance of your message linking it to your demonstration.

I thoroughly enjoyed the speeches. They are rather informative and provided plenty of health and wellness tips. Thank you for your sharing.

Best wishes to all the speakers and may you continue to Excel Beyond Excellence!

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  1. Jo Jameson Says:

    Hi This is an excelelnt article and you make some really good points.

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