What You Must Understand To Better Manage Your Time And Run Your Life

The desire to manage our time and our life better does not come from the external forces. While we can be triggered by what is outside of us, the true want to run our lives for the better must be internally motivated. This is part of what we had also discussed at today’s “Time Management” training for a major statutory agency.

We further know it’s most prudent and economical to treat our limited time with respect. Hence, to better manage time and ultimately our life, here are some important understandings you ought to know:

1. Know that every moment you spend and what you spend doing has some value in it. The sooner you can derive a real worth to your time, the more you will realize its true cost on your terms. Some of these numbers might even surprise you.

2. Learn to make a call on your priorities. While different tasks and demands do emerge during the course of our daily living, they ought to be treated with varying degree of importance and urgency. Being able to make quick decisions to what is truly important (or prioritizing) will help you to better move things along, rather than to stagnant and hesitate.

3. Focus on getting progress instead of getting busy. Just being busy does not imply progress is made for your life. It can end up as a routine repetition of hovering on the same ground—busying doing the same things over and over again without getting any closer to your goals. Critically reflect and reevaluate what you have been doing every single day.  Then make sure your actions bring you progress toward what you want instead of mere numerous robotic tasks.

As you manage what is scarce, you will begin to appreciate the need to treasure time and life well. Give it a better worth by tagging your dreams to it.

Apply these understanding competently and your life will Excel Beyond Excellence!

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