What Separates The Top Performers From The Average Performers At Work? Key Differences Between The Excellors And The Average

During training and consultation for the upper management, the presidents, managers and directors often ask what makes a super-star staff different from a typical worker of the organization.

Having been analyzing, training and consulting at different companies, organizations and industries, I have discovered that there are indeed noticeable distinctions between the two genres of staff.

Since this is a rather common questions being posted, I would like to shed some light in this article on the key differences between those who excel beyond excellence, The Excellors, and the rest of the average employee.

The top differences are as follows: (Excellors vs the Average performer)

1. Having the attitude of being a top performer vs the attitude of an order taker

2. Commitment to work excellence vs working the minimal needed

3. Possesses Values integration with the companies vs values clashing with organizations

4. Having a far-sighted vision beyond the pay vs working just for the pay

5. Having the Humility to learn and reflect vs habitual ignorance and arrogance

6. Willingness to Turning mistakes into improvements vs avoidance to fail and tendency to blame and complain

7. Take Self responsibility vs company’s and other’s problem

8. Takes calculated Risk taker vs risk adverse and total risk avoidance

9. A Positive Relationship builder with Boss, Colleagues and Clients (BCC) vs talking to others outside of social group only if left with no choice

10. Emotionally and mentally strong vs mood sensitive and easily environmentally influenced

11. Possess Clarity of career goals vs just work for the moment and see what happens

12. He is an Energizer vs an energy and emotional depleter

13. He helps improve the organization to Excel Beyond Excellence!

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