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7 Vital Things You Must Keep In Mind When You Handle Difficult People

February 27, 2008

Today was another enriching day as I worked with the Consultants. During my full-day training on “Managing Difficult Clients”, the Consultants shared with me the various types of tough people that they encounter at the work place and in life. Plenty of real life examples emerged and we took the incidents into practice during the role-play. This is followed by their insightful sharing of what they have learnt.

In addition, I also share with them the proven ways to better manage these difficult people as well as the key points to remember.

1. It’s really about the power between both of you.

2. Sincerity and clarity of the relationship is important.

3. Use the pre-frame and set-up to your advantage.

4. You can install further set up within your conversation. This will keep your clients on track and within your intended scope of discussion.

5. Strive to pin-point the underlying issue and resolve them instead of reinforcing their negativity. Be forward looking instead of reliving the hurting memories.

6. Keep the clients rational towards issues rather than associating them to overwhelming emotions.

7. Avoid personalizing the issues by checking your language and comments.

As you embark on serving your clients, it is imperative that these pointers be employed as much as possible. In this way, you will be better positioned to attain positive results during your consultations.

May you Excel Beyond Excellence!