7 Ways To Gain Even More Advantages In Your Interviews

Over the last two days, Saturday and Sunday, I was busy conducting another run of the “Sayang Kerja, Sayang Keluarga” (SK2) (Love Your Work, Love Your Family) workshop. One of the major topics in the training was Interviewing Skills and how to excel in it. I’ve always enjoyed it whenever the participants acquire the various skills and tactics to become better in their interview.

Here are more ways to help you gain more advantages in your interview sessons:

1. Prepare yourself by understanding the company and its business before attending the interview.

2. Psych yourself up before you go in for the interview. Your mental set-up is extremely crucial.

3. Your first impression counts a lot so make sure your dressing, your body language and your mannerisms are tops.

4. Some questions are teasers and testers, and some are trappers. Learn to identify them and be tactful in answering them.

5. Highlight how you can contribute positively to the company in your replies.

6. Provide confident eye contact throughout the interview session.

7. Show that you are well prepared and are in tandem with the company’s direction of progress.

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