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How You Can Be More Grounded And Attain Stability In Your Life

March 9, 2008

Balancing our work together with our personal lives is always the central focus of living. After all, would it truly be called living and success if one arrives at the top of a career pinnacle at the massive sacrifice of one’s family life? While issues are always open to debate, I believe getting balanced has more to trigger our thoughts and reflection of how we are to live our life and spend our time.

Another successful run of “Work-Life Skills for Individual and Organizational Benefits” over the last two days was another proof of our innate desire to possess better grip of our lives. With better balance comes with better quality of living. This in turn results in improved relationships with our loved ones and community. And this ultimately stretches us towards attainment in the higher purposes of our existence.

To attain a greater pursue, we often have to begin with our internal foundations. If we can be more grounded within ourselves, then challenges of life will have much lesser negativity unto us.

Here are some pointers to help you stay grounded and attain that stability in your life:

1. See the events and situation as the way they are. Instead of being overwhelmed by them, strive to decipher the underlying meaning to these happenings.

2. Schedule time for self-reflection. Many often run through their lives without knowing the rationale or if they are progressing. Self-reflection thus has become a rare exercise.

3. Seek a higher purpose and fulfillment of life. Ask yourself for a determination of your life’s purpose and find out what truly makes your life fulfilled.

4. Map out a workable plan toward whatever makes you more satisfied with life. Now this is an exercise that only you are your best guide in this. Plan it out and ensure that you are satisfied and have contentment in the execution of it.

5. Talk to a Mentor. Nothing beats a lively conversation with another like-minded individual. What’s more, a discussion of your life’s direction with someone whom you really respect and wish to learn from will make it all the most meaningful. It’ll help you to fine-tune your areas of progress.

6. Get clarity and get a grip. While in life, issues are complicated, it is often those who can see things clearly that emerges triumph.

7. Listen to your Heart, merge with your Mind, and integrate within your Soul. I’ve always suggest this to many participants. I called this the “Pyramid of Personal Balance”. Allowing your heart, mind and soul to function in oneness gets you the balance that people often seek. The congruence must be there, in your words, your thoughts, and action.

Do strive to apply these pointers as much as you can. You’ll soon start to experience a different perspective to how you want your life to be.

And with a renewed faith and persistent progress, your life will Excel Beyond Excellence!