Proven Tips To Boost Your Public Speaking And Presentation Skills (Part 14)

Back at my Toastmasters Club tonight was another session of exciting presentations. Serving as the Language Evaluator this evening, The National University of Singapore Toastmasters Club dished out 6 speech projects and there were lessons galore.

Nothing beats an intensive meeting filled with laughter and learning. I’m sure everyone walked away from the meeting much enriched and educated. Such is the power of Toastmasters with its proven program.

There were quite a number of sharing and evaluation. With so many speakers presenting their projects, there is a wealth of public speaking pointers to pick up.

Here are some of the key tips for tonight’s meeting:

1. When the room is big and the audiences are many, lift your props high enough so that all may see.

2. Prevent overloading your audience with too many abstract concepts. Keep them relevant to your theme instead of trying to cover too many grounds.

3. Generally, ‘colorful’ jokes make the audience feel uncomfortable, especially in formal occasions. However, artful teasing shows the class of the speaker.

4. Pay attention to the relevance of your examples. Do ensure your descriptions are within the scope where the audiences and their background can relate to.

Do start to take these pointers as you prepare and rehearse your next speech. I look forward to the various presentations in the coming meetings.

May you Excel Beyond Excellence!

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2 Comments on “Proven Tips To Boost Your Public Speaking And Presentation Skills (Part 14)”

  1. It is always hard to find a joke that suits your audience, so i tell people to avoid them. After all, you don;t want to be known as the speaker who is always telling jokes!


    Darren Fleming
    Australia’s Public Speaking Coach

  2. Tania Says:

    I think you have posted some excellent tips.

    I especially like the bit about “colorful” jokes. This can be stunningly risque especially with larger audiences. People have such different views about what is humorous and what isn’t. I definitely prefer “artful teasing”.

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