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Proven Tips To Boost Your Public Speaking And Presentation Skills (Part 16)

March 18, 2008

Tonight’s National University of Singapore Toastmasters Meeting featured at total of 5 project speeches. They were all educational and entertaining. Some spoke about the importance of eating apples and the need to sleep, while others focused on the funnier side of life.

As usual, I discussed through with some of the speakers on the areas for improvement, adding more proven and workable tips to enhance their presentations:

1. Allow your audience to know what they can expect from your speech. This will help to better prepare them to receive your message.

2. When it’s about definition of terms, do lighten up on the jargon. Make it easy for your audience to adopt and relate to the terminologies.

3. Beef up your speech by having more than just mere descriptions. Once you have shared enough of the concepts, your audience will want to know how they can apply it themselves. Let them know instead of leaving them with questions.

4. Utilize what the audiences are familiar with to help relate and visualize what you really want them to understand. That how people often learn about new ideas, they check with what they already know.

It’s been a wonderful meeting and I truly notice the effort and flair displayed by the speakers. May you continue to Excel Beyond Excellence!