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Proven Tips To Boost Your Public Speaking And Presentation Skills (Part 17)

March 22, 2008

When I was at my Club a couple of nights ago, I’ve noticed how much improvement the Club members have made ever since they joined the club. As the Language Evaluator for the meeting, it was also heartening to notice how conscientiously the members have been working on their usage of language. I was touched.

Over here at Telok Blangah Toastmasters Club, we strongly encourage every person to grab hold of the speaking opportunities that come by, because communication does change our lives. It can and has the potential to make a key difference in your life, if you let it be so.

Some of the key pointers of improvement for the project speeches include:

1. If you want to persuade more people to take up an activity, begin with why we should participate in it. Instead of launch immediately into the technical aspects of it, give us some reasons where we can benefit from it. This key adjustment of speech organization comes from one of the “Selling Speech Strategies”.

2. Remember to hold your printed report up high, rather than laying them flat on the table where the audience has to stretch their necks to view it.

3. Avoid diluting the purpose of your speech by spreading it over too many stories. Within the short timing, your stories should co-relate with each other so that a centralized theme is created. This is what I call, “The Art of Integrative Speaking”.

A Toastmasters Club is specially designed to help enrich our speaking and presentation skills. Do take time to run through what has been discussed in the meeting. Together, let us Excel Beyond Excellence!