What You Should Know About Becoming Excellent at Persuading And Influencing People

Today was the completion of the exciting 2-day training, “How to Persuade and Influence People”. There are indeed a myriad of areas to be covered for this particular workshop. When it comes to persuasion, the dynamics and possibilities of the tactics are intriguing. The participants in my training today also shared and related various situations at work and in life where influence is needed. These also allow them to apply the skills of persuasion.

Some of the key essentials that one should know about attaining excellence in this skill include:

1. The common assumption is that the longer the relationship the more people should know you better. Hence the depth of relationship plays a major part in influencing people.

2. To persuade well, you must first build the awareness of language. This will help to understand the impact of using several forms of words, phrases and their psychological impact on yourself and others.

3. Your first 3 seconds of less are extremely crucial. People form an internal “openness” or “closeness” of the mind as well as the impression they have the very instant they see you. Take commanding presence in this crucial instance.

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