What You Must Really Know About The Myths and The Facts Of Managing Your Time At Work

It has been a series of runs for this particular course. As usual, today’s training on “Time Management” is carefully designed to be fun-filled, address real-life practical issues and invoke reflective thoughts.

I especially appreciate the hearty responses by my participants, the enormous sharing of learning and the quick one-two punch-lines delivered by them. Thank you for your participation, my friends!

For this article and today’s training lessons, there are a number of myths about time management at work that I would like to highlight:

Myth 1: It’s all about deciding what work to do.

Fact 1: Managing time is not just about deciding which work to do. If it were that simple in practice, then everyone will be super time managers and maximizing their time. When it comes to real application, you must also watch out for negative relationships and office politics at work. These are two of the major time wasters at work. Work towards healing the negativity and develop quality work relations.

Myth 2: Oh, it’s just writing out what you want to do.

Fact 2: Managing time is not just about charting out your list of tasks. Your emotions, values and attitudes towards work play even greater roles in determining the way you plan your time. It affects your priorities and your motivation in getting your list done. Get these factors in tuned with your work first.

Myth 3: There is simply too much work on my hands.

Fact 3: Managing time at the workplace is not to be ignored or forgo just because there are too much work you have to do. In fact, the more work you have to do, the more you have to manage your time. For efficiency’s sake, you’ve got to ‘manage the chaos’ and ‘organize the troops’. That’s productivity.

Myth 4: Why bother to even mange time? Other things just suddenly pop out anyway and disrupts whatever I want to do.

Fact 4: Managing time should not be forgotten just because unexpected things occur anyway. Proper time management provides you with even greater control over the ‘seemingly’ unexpected happenings. It also reduces the drastic impact of the unforeseen. Your knowledge and sense of priority also comes into play here.

In addition, you should also re-look critically at your working structure and communication systems to truly resolve things issues at the roots.

Myth 5: I’ve really got no time to manage time. Don’t waste time planning for it.

Fact 5: No time to manage your time? Then all the more you must manage your time! When you manage your time well, you actually end up with more time on your hands.

This is the part where you really have to work it out to experience the full effects and benefits of managing. It’s sort of a contradictory fact. You gain liberty by limitation. As you limit your time, you have more time. A paradox, no doubt. But nonetheless, a workable one.

When you can take a closer unadulterated look at the way your time is used, you will discover insights and uncover the facts behind practical time management.

Learn to use these facts and apply them in your favor.

And you’ll soon find yourself Excel Beyond Excellence in life and career.

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