Proven Ways to Achieve Mutually Winning Results In Your Negotiations And Sales

It was another full training yesterday. During daytime, I was conducting an intensive workshop on Effective Negotiation Skills for a technology company. Meanwhile, I also ran another training on Public Speaking at night. While the whole day was fast paced, it was just as fulfilling.

In my consultation and coaching with companies and clients, I have formulated and worked on a series of strategies and ways to attain winning results for both parties. Here are some of the ways I have used and have proven to work well towards mutual wins:

1. Think beyond merely winning and losing with your other party. There can be balances and gray areas in-between to attain win-win results.

2. Establish mutually consenting grounds and rules of engagement.

3. Pre-agree on the possible alternatives should there be a dead-lock during your negotiation process.

4. Insist on maintaining the respect between both parties.

5. Operate from the world of abundance rather than the mindset of limitation.

6. Keep an open mind to other’s view points and appreciate them despite the differences.

7. Allow both parties to freely air on the issues first and then.document the agreed terms.

Mutually winning results are possible when the sharp strategies are being employed. Utilizing them smartly will always ensure your negotiation results and partnership will Excel Beyond Excellence!

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