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7 Essential Pointers For The New Speaker

April 2, 2008

Just a few days ago I was coaching a junior Public Speaking Club. Within the meeting, everyone had to have a chance at presenting table topics. I got to witness a number of new speakers who, with a fervent desire, attempt to improve themselves as competent speakers.

Here are some of the essential and useful points that the new speaker can take note:

1. The audience is there to hear your best. So give your best.

2. Keep your key speech focus in mind.

3. You are speaking for the audience and with them.

4. Eye contact is always important and useful to relate with your audience.

5. Relax yourself before you speak. Cool off those nervous energy.

6. Avoid over memorizing your speech. “Go with the flow” but bring them back to what you really want to say.

7. Have fun!