What You Must Pay Attention To For Greater Negotiation And Sales Advantage

It’s always an advantage possessing the ability to negotiate well. You get to become more productive and more enriched, in various ways. Today, I had finished conducting training for the staffs of an established company that deals with automotive and industrial products. This two-day “Effective Negotiation Skills” course is customized to help the participants become more apt in their scope of sales and negotiation work.

During your negotiation, you want to pay attention to these following factors to gain a further advantage:

1. The setting and atmosphere of the negotiation venue. This will indirectly affect the mood of both parties.

2. The energy and stance of your negotiating counterparts.

3. The strength and weakness of your own team.

4. The flow and changing directions of the negotiation process.

5. The dynamism and language used by both parties.

6. The timing to adjourn or to close.

7. The extend of the other team’s commitment level to follow through.

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