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10 Things You Need To Do For Negotiation and Sales Tactics To Work Powerfully

April 5, 2008

Yesterday was the conclusion of the 2-part “Effective Negotiation Skills” training that was first conducted on last Saturday. During the training, we also discussed on the examples and applications of the various tactics covered.

Adding on for effectiveness, here are the things you will need to do so that the tactics you employ will work powerfully.

1. You need to know and read your customers well, beyond surface level where possible.

2. You need to discover what makes them tick or what can influence them positively. The better you can understand the trigger factors in your customers, the easier you will be able to get your point across.

3. You need to be comfortable with using that particular tactics. Personal ethics and moral factor must be addressed first.

4. You need to understand and accept the risks involved. If you find certain tactics and the consequences too risky, don’t use that tactic. Use the one that you truly can accept

5. You need to be confident with yourself in order for the tactics to be effective.

6. You need to adopt it to your style, your personality and mostly importantly, your heart. Tactics are mostly conceptual and empirical when discussed. However your personality, sales and negotiation style will affect the way it is being carried out. Your heart also becomes a crucial element of applying them smoothly.

7. You need to know when to stop applying that tactic or switch to other tactics. Tactics are meant to be flexible and relative to the individual situations. It is your ability to read the flow and changing themes during negotiation that puts you ahead of others.

8. You need to reflect on its effectiveness and seek improvement on it.

9. You need to practice ahead before you apply it in actual situation. Some tactics have to be carried out in demonstrations while others can be rehearsed in your head.

10. You need to truly like the work you do and can also have the customers’ interests in mind. The more you are able to put in your heart and soul into your work, the better your work turns out to be. When you include the interests and welfare of your customers’ into your consideration, you will touch and connect with the customers much better and faster.

It takes time to use negotiation and sales tactics with flair. However, this will only mean that through perseverance, you will get better.

Best wishes and may you Excel Beyond Excellence!