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A Proven Formula To Excel In Your Life And Career

April 6, 2008

I was invited yesterday to give a talk on The Life of A Public Speaker and Trainer. Over at the session, I shared various incidences and encounters that I had as I conducted my trainings. They ranged from how I got into this industry 18 years, the challenges of the profession to the rewards of being a speaker and the possible future of the training industry.

At the same time, I also added onto the session a simple formula that can help the participants to excel and strive in both their lives and their career.

Here is the DEEEPP formula:

Desire – The desire to do what you want.

Experience – Gain more and more experience in the career and life choices

Experiment – Be willing to test out new methods and better ways to do things.

Excellence – You must truly want to pursue excellence in whatever you do.

Persistence – No matter what setback, you have to strive to carry on.

Passion- passion will keep you on your path and provide you with the true satisfaction in your life and choices you make.

I invite you to also apply the DEEEPP formula to whatever you choose to do in your life. It’s proven with many successful examples in history, and with my participants and me. May you always Excel Beyond Excellence!