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The 7 Top Qualities You Must Have To Be A Visionary Leader

April 8, 2008

It was an extremely fun and educational session over at the course today. I was glad that the participants took an active role and exhibited personal responsibilities when it came to their leadership skills.

This 2-day course “Leadership Skills” was specially designed for Division 1 Leaders. In the midst of it, we also explored and discussed the elements of becoming a visionary leader.

And here are the top qualities for being a leader with vision:

1. A visionary Leader is first a Self Leader.

2. A visionary Leader pushes beyond the boundary.

3. A visionary leader understands it’s about the people’s heart that matter before they will buy the vision.

4. A visionary leader sees beyond the short term and unto the future.

5. A visionary leader is inspired by the greater goals and inspires others with these goals.

6. A visionary leader is views obstacles as challenges and stepping stones to the grander achievement.

7. A visionary leader takes conscientious actions with his team to fulfill the overall vision.