How To Maximize Your Limited Time: 5 Ways To Make That Little Free Time Work For You

I’ve just got back from camp for a day of rest. Because the rest day is so little and so rare, it has become precious. Nonetheless, I’m sure many of my other army reservist mates will just as treasure their off day. To some it’s a period of family reunion while some will prefer to snooze their way through.

Over the years of fine-tuning and testing, here are some of my methods on how I’ve been utilizing my limited ‘out-of-camp’ time:

1. Insist on wanting to make full use of the oncoming rare personal time.

2. Plan even before that time arrives. You can always work it out in your head while you’re walking, traveling, having meals and toilet breaks.

3. Prioritize your lists and rearrange the things to do based on what you find as most urgent and important.

4. Do the most difficult thing first. Do exercise realism here. If the most difficult thing takes up all the time, leaving you out of time for others; then perhaps you may want to reduce all their individual timing.

5. Choose your general version of personal time and plan them accordingly: Rest or Work; Personal or Official; Free and Easy or Controlled; Out of Willingness or Out of Responsibility

May you enjoy your free time well and keep it meaningful. Excel Beyond Excellence always!

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