How To Have A Renewed Focus In Your Life?

After a couple of week in reservist, today marks the end of another in=camp training cycle for the workyear. Being so immersed into the Army for the past days would imply that some adjustments are needed to get back into civilian life.


The mind and focus are no longer the same as serving in national service. It’s a continuation of our normal life, picking up wherever we left off.


When a change happens for a period of time in my life, I will always seek back the focus. In a sense it is much renewed because we will have to revisit our priorities and objectives with want we want in do in life.


This is what you can also do to get back that renewed focus:


1. Relook through your previous works.


2. Recuperate your mind, body and soul.


3. Reaffirm your life’s direction.


4. Re-install all the powerful resources and positive energy in you.


5. Reach out to the right connections of people.


6. Release past frustrations, disappointment and whatever is hold you back.


7. Repeat whatever has been performing well in your life.


As life proceeds on, we must consistently keep our own focus in mind, Distractions and commitment will always be abound, but it’s still within us to choose our focus.


I wish you a renewed focus towards Excelling Beyond Excellence!




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